Incorporation Only


Extra Services


Incorporation in ANY state for any corporations, including:

  1. LLC
  2. C Corporation
  3. S Corporation
  4. Non-Profit

All Include:

  1. Corporate kit
  2. Preperation of Articles of Incorporation
  3. Document Filing with Secretary of State
  4. Free Statement of the Incorporator
  5. Lifetime Customer Support
  6. Obtain Federal Tax ID (EIN)
  7. Custom Corporation Bylaws
  8. Custom Corporate Banking Resolution
  9. Custom Coporation Minutes
  10. Free Web Domain


  1. Customized Digital Corporate Kit ($200)Company Seal (Physical & digital), 20 Customize Stock Certificates, Ownership ledger
  2. Business Licenses & Permits ($200)Federal Permits may be necessary in the following fields: Agriculture, Alcohol Sales, Aviation, Firearms,
    Fish & Wildlife, Mining & Drilling, and Nuclear Energy (See Here).
    State Licenses may be needed for Professional Services, Engineering, Healthcare providers, Plumbing, etc. Anything that requires a license to perform duties legally.
  3. DBA ($200)Doing Business As – To do business under a different name
  4. Foreign State Qualification ($400)To perform business in a different state other than the one you are registered in.(See Here)
  5. Certificate of Good Standing ($100)Required for Foreign State Qualification, Also may be necessary for Lenders & Banks, and potential business transaction may require it
  6. Seller’s Permit ($250) Selling Any Merchandise
  7. S Corp Election Application ($200) To be taxed as an S Corp
  8. Certified Copy of Articles ($75) Certified copies of State Paperwork
  9. Trademark Registration ($150) Register a Name, Slogan, or Logo